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Fleek Network: Managing the key store

The following will guide you through some of the fundamentals to help understand how to manage the key store at the very basics, and help you persist the key store identity, in any supported system you’re migrating to.

Getting Started Guide

A first look at what Fleek Network is, why it's important, and a simple tutorial of running and interacting with a node on your local machine!


The guides for the Fleek Network to learn about the services powering the Fleek Network, and how to set up a node or customize it for your needs.

Node Health Check guide

The purpose of the guide is to provide basic information about the node resource by explaining the host, port numbers, logs during runtime, etc for the Fleek Network.

Securing a node with SSL/TLS

We'll look into how to secure a Fleek Node with TLS certificates provided by Let's Encrypt, the nonprofit Certificate Authority (CA) used in the Docker stack

Securing the Ursa files

The concept of file permissions and ownership is crucial in preventing private or sensitive data from being exposed to dodgy actors. In this guide, we will explain Linux file permissions and ownership to help us improve the security of our Network Node server.