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Fleek Network is an open-source Edge Computing Platform to accelerate the development and execution of decentralized Web Services.

The system builds on a distributed network of nodes, where services run within a fair and incentivized ecosystem constituted by an open community of developers and operators who can operate nodes, build services that use the network’s resources, or consume Fleek Network services on the Edge.

Applications, platforms and protocols build and utilize decentralized services on Fleek Network to optimize performance and reduce dependency on centralized cloud providers. Developers can build faster and launch better products by offloading parts of the stack to the Edge to focus on core features.


To participate in the alpha Testnet, you can begin by setting up and running nodes. Check the requirements and find the onboarding instructions to enable you to install a network node successfully.


The Fleek Network's documentation is organized as follows:

Documentation brief breakdown of the Fleek Network.

Guides provide step-by-step instructions for performing specific tasks.

References section provides short materials for Fleek Network command-line interfaces (CLIs), and application programming interfaces (APIs) for managing the resources and development. It is assumed that you already have a basic understanding of important concepts.


We aim to bring computation to where demand is. You can find Fleek Network's public roadmap here.

Need help?

Be part of a community! Join the Fleek Network discord if you want to ask a question, require help or exchange ideas.

Found an issue?

Issues can be reported in the correspondent repositories here and any other reports by messaging us on discord.